Automatic plastic thermoforming machine
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product description:

THQZ600420 automatic plastic air pressure thermoforming machine, this equipment integrates machine, electricity and gas design, microcomputer programmable controller (PLC) control, man-machine dialogue interface operation, mold cutting blade, to feed, heat, form, High-efficiency plastic sheet forming equipment for trimming and rewinding at one time. With three functions: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Application scope:

It is mainly suitable for various thermoplastic sheets such as BOPS, PVC, HIPS, PET, etc., and is widely used for various plastic packaging products such as boxes, saucers, cups, and lids. Such as: cake boxes, snack boxes, injection trays, disposable cup lids, bowl lids and jelly cups, etc.

The main technical parameters:

THQZ600420 Automatic Plastic Pressure Thermoforming Machine
Use sheet specifications width: 460~600mm Work efficiency 8~12times/min
thickness: 0.1~0.6mm Air consumption (external air source) 0.6/min
Roll diameter: 500mm Air pressure 0.8MPa
Forming area Max: 500×350 Use electricity (single-phase) 220V= 7KW
Min: 400×250 Water Consumption 约1㎡/hours
Forming height Max:135mm Dimensions (L×W×H) L2800mm × W950mm × H1800mm
weight 1000kg