Taizhou Tianhua Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd. is founded in 1993, which is a professional manufacturer with scientific research, development and production.

Our business scope are: Plastic Air Pressure Thermoforming Machine: including BOPS hot molding machine, hydraulic High Pressure Thermoforming Machine, Plastic Seedling Tray Molding Machine and so on. Suitable to make PVC, BOPS, PP, PS, PET, PSP roll sheet, Our professionality and experienced technicians have been innovating and improving machines.

Plastic Packaging Products: food packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, hardware packaging and so on .

Seedling tray for agricultural and other seeding containers, we use the machine by design by ourselves which molding from particle of material directly to be finished products, the production is distinctive and price is favorable.

We have Five Layer Extruder Sheet Production Line, which grant us to make PP, HIPS and other thermoforming plastic sheet by ourselves.

PET sheet production line: Specializing in the production of PET sheet.

We have processing center and several carving machines that helps for manufacturing various molds.

"Top Quality! Best Service! Reasonable price" is our company's manners. We are talking all excellent for our work.


Tianhua Plastics machiner founded in 1993


More than 28 years professional experience


Tianhua Plastics machinery square meters


Production capability 1500 TONS per month

Sheet Extruder Workshop

We hav PVC sheet production line and five layer co-extrusion sheet machine, widely used in the production of PVC, PP, PS multilayer composite sheet.

Five Layer Co-Extrusion sheet machine is able to produce HIPS natural color, yellow, golden, and transparent, double-color, monochrome etc for PP roll sheet. suitable for making food packaging, plastic tray, electronic packaging, disposable lunch box and other plastic products.

Sheet Extruder Workshop
sheet production line

Mold processing center

The molds we're using are developed by ourselves. We provide the most convenient and profitable price for all of our customers. The company has several processing centers, engraving and milling machines, specializing in the production of various molds.

Mold processing center
CNC machine
Engraving and milling machine

Machine Equipment Manufacturing Workshop

Various types of equipment for option, including THQZ700500 Automatic plastic high-speed positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine, THQZ610460, THQZ610510, THQZ710610, THQZ530420 Automatic Plastic Air Pressure Thermoforming Machine; THY G6001200 Automatic Plastic Hydraulic High- Speed Forming Machine, THYP720360 Plastic Seedling Tray Molding Machine. BOPS, PVC, HIPS, PP, PET are all accepted to use. We will introduce the most proper machine to different customers.

Machine Equipment Manufacturing Workshop

Plastic products workshop

Plastic products workshop is divided into two parts: blister workshop and hydraulic workshop, now has more than 10 equipment facility and with 24 hours working time to produce various plastic packaging products, including food box (certified"national industrial products production permit"), medicine packaging tray, hardware clamshell, seedling tray etc. Using materials are BOPS, PP,HIPS,PET,PVC,we have more than 500 Aluminum molds. Warehouse covers an areas of 3300 square.Taking BOPS moon cake box as an example, we can make 500kgs per 24 hour,1000kgs if making 2.0mm PVC meadicine tray, and 20000kgs per 24 hours to make HIPS seed tray.

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Seedling tray production workshop
Food packaging production workshop
Food packaging production workshop
Food packaging production workshop
Food packaging production workshop

We have a very strict management process to make sure the material is safe,improve the detection system to ensure that the workshop is clean enough. And through ISO9001 quality management certification and SGS test report etc.

we are very serious with the safety of food packaging. To ensure the safety of food packaging, we will send our goods to the third-party detection institution to make the QS test. To make sure that the goods we offer to our clients are safe for the food packaging.

SGS ISO certificate